Savings And ESA

Hi All Can anyone tell me what the limit is on savings and getting ESA I am currently in receipt of ESA and was wondering what the limit is on savings I know the maximum is £16,00

Thanks Cindy

Hi Cindy

It depends on whether you are getting income based ESA or contributions based.

If you are getting the income based variety, then the maximum capital (savings) you can have and qualify is £16,000. Although if you have less than this, part of your savings can be converted to assumed income, so can affect the amount of ESA you get.

If you are on contributions based ESA, then there is no capital limit as it’s not means tested. Although if you have income from pensions, your pension can reduce the amount of ESA you get.

Have a look at the CAB guide: Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - Citizens Advice and of course, for more detailed information you could consider joining


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Wondering if anyone can shed any light on PIP, I;m drowning in jargon and very confused. I am working full time, but would like to reduce my hours, as I am struggling to cope physically. Should I apply for PIP before reducing my hours? Should I bite the bullet and take the pay cut, which I am serious;y thinking of doing,just to try and lessen the pain and exhaustion? Are WTC something I should consider? And do savings come into consideration with any of these?

I would be so grateful for any information on the above, thank you so much.

J xx

PIP isn’t affected by any other income, neither does it affect any other income (except possibly in a positive way with regard to income based benefits such as income support or housing benefit).

So by all means claim for PIP, regardless of whether you cut your hours or not.

WTC is a different kettle of (stinking) fish. I’m not at all knowledgable about tax credits of any kind, so can’t advise (except that just like all other income, receipt of PIP can only affect it in a positive way).

Perhaps what you should try to do, is to see a welfare benefits specialist from the CAB, or if there is any other local welfare benefits advice service, try to get help from them. I’m thinking you should perhaps sit down with an advisor, work out what you should be doing with regard to benefits and work on a personal basis.


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Hello Sue

Thank you for the reply - I have spoken to the benefits advisor at my local MS centre, and have submitted my application for PIP. Have been advised that this process may well take a few months…

Thanks again, have a lovely weekend

J xx

I have just had my pip assessment result, I am changing from dla to pip, after 22 yrs on dla both components at the higher rate they have concluded that I am going to get a lot less, I lose approx. £320 per month,has anyone else undergone such results.

Hi Nigel,

Did you send in a Care Plan and GP’s letter of support for PIP??

Take the PIP Self-Test and see where you should have scored more PIP points and then apply for

a Mandatory Reconsideration.

Go to the Citizen’s Advice for help with this.

How to win a PIP appeal: