Well well there’s a turn up for the books. The Channel Islands usually a couple of decades behind have decided to approve the prescription of Sativex later this year.

Couldn’t quite believe it as I live on Guernsey and they haven’t even got disability law. Talking to my boss about reasonable adjustments she just looked confused as though I’m talking a foreign language!!!

No NHS here so having to pay £50 to see a GP even for repeat prescriptions. Going to A & E also costs with the ambulance extra!!! - not planning on going there.

However my husband always asks what I’m moaning about as tax is only 20%, no VAT and no car MOT.

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Min xx

do you have to have private health insurance then? i guess you do.

£50 for a repeat script…that`d be £300 a year for me!

Do you get owt free once a pensioner?

do you get state pensions there?

It`s part of uk, so why the big differences?


There’s a bit about Guernsey and their healthcare system on the web. It seems some services are partly funded by the state, some are fully funded.

" The healthcare system in Guernsey is run along very different lines from that in the UK, although staff are trained in the same way and the proportion of qualified staff is greater than that normally found in UK Health Trusts. There is no NHS. General practices provide family doctor services on a private basis. There is one specialist practice which includes general surgery, general medicine, obstetrics and orthopaedics. The specialists and most GPs have access to hospital facilities. Fees for consultations are partly subsided by the States with the remainder being the responsibility of the patient or their medical insurers.

The Specialist Health Insurance Scheme covers all residents of Guernsey and its sister islands of Alderney, Herm and Jethou.

All hospital services are funded by the States with the cost of the acute private specialist services covered by the compulsory health Insurance Scheme. This means that residents are relieved of the potentially high cost of specialist medical treatment. "

Interesting bit on the BBC website about the Channel Islands.

" The islands are not part of the United Kingdom or European Union, but rather are possessions of the British Crown with independent administrations. Their inhabitants are British citizens. "

Yes I anticipate I will be spending many £50 for my repeat meds. I asked for 6 months as been on most for years. But no 3 months is the maximum allowed. So you have to go back and pay another £50 and on and on. Cynical me thinks GPs only really in it for the money.

Poll - older people I know get free bus passes - probably not GP visits.

Private health insurance no good for me with pre exsisting condition.

Not part of the UK which is odd. Consultants are happy as don’t have to follow NICE guidelines - they pick and choose what to follow.

My GP - I am her first MS patient so will be changing but currently just need her for my prescriptions.

She did refer me to a specialist to get my bloods approved for tecfidera!!! Ridiculous I told her I’d spoken to my UK MS nurse who advised the following bloods - obviously didn’t believe me the patient!!! The specialist was a geriatrician!!! - now I’m not that old!!! No charge for the specialist consultant.

Neurologist visits monthly- not MS. I am lucky that I am relatively stable - just usual bowel, bladder and minor leg problems. Anything that gets to difficult for Guernsey medics gets shipped off to Southampton.

Beautiful island though. Also we get an extra bank holiday next Tuesday - liberation day!!!

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Min xx

Thanks for the info. I find it confusing that you are British citizens yet so much is different. Whatever. I doubt I`ll be moving there, as beautiful as it is.

My cruise ships call there, but I cant visit as tenders are needed and as I cant stand or walk at all, I am barred! Shame!