Sativex or Vertigo ?

So I’ve been trialling Sativex for nearly 3 weeks now and I feel rotten.

I’m not sure if it’s the Sativex or MS related vertigo, which apparently is common ?

It got so bad last week that my company sent me home, refusing me to drive and had someone drive me home.

I dont really think the Sativex is doing me any good in regards to spasticity or spasms but I so much want it to work, however over the last 3 weeks, especially the last week I’ve felt constantly dizzy, and every time I stand up I get very bad nausea.

I have cut back the doses of Sative, as I thought it was the culprit, in fact I’ve stopped it altogether this weekend but I’m still feeling terrible .

Anyone else suffered these symptoms on Sativex ?

Or could it be MS related vertigo ?

I have noticed that I’ve also seem to of developed a ringing in my ears, so perhaps it’s tinnitus ?

Life at the moment is pretty cr*p to say the least

i have never had sativex. i have however started using CBD oil. early days but it calms the nerve pain down.


Why not check the side effects on the drug leaflet. If vertigo isn’t there (or light headedness, balance issues, etc), then it’s not the drug.


Jactac, your vertigo and tinnitus may not be Sativex or MS related at all. I suffer from hay fever and when the pollen count is high it brings on labrynthitis (variations called vestibule neuronitis or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). I’ve got it now and like last year started with the very scary feeling that I was in the middle of an earthquake. My GP said that this year they’d seen loads of folk with the same thing some who hadn’t suffered from hay fever before to their knowledge.

Tippy x

Very good point. And given that it’s not rained in weeks, the pollen count is extremely high.


All of the above Sue are side effects

I’m going to ring my GP tomorrow to ask for an appointment, I can hardly stand, and the nausea is just awful.

This high pitched ringing is driving me nuts.

I did get an my latest MRI results yesterday which gave the all clear in the brain, no active lesions but “multiple lesions” in the spine !

I’m guessing then these are old lesions causing all the symptoms., a gradually causing my MS to become worse.

I’ve never suffered with hay fever in the past but I have noticed lately that I’m “snuffed up” and have had the odd sneezing fit, so you may have a good point