Sativex, new footwear, broken photo frame

Ok, got up this morning, not working today put on my jeans and new blue pumps, you know the rubber soled type best suited to indoor ware. With my very poor walking I always take a while to get used to any new kind of footwear, so feeling a bit on the stiff side, not helped by my new pumps, I had a spray of sativex, usually avoid It during the day because it makes me high, but I’m not working or going out today, so took my sativex, then my mum came round for a visit so all ok so far. Anyway we had got some school photos last week so I had ordered a cheap frame from Amazon to put the photo in, anyway opened up the frame, fitted the photo in it looked ok, except for a few finger prints on the glass so I decided to give the glass a little clean up, anyway as I was doing so the glass snapped in half, ok , it was a cheap frame! Because of the Sativex I just exploded into fits of laughter, it wasn’t even all that funny, my mum must have been wondering why I was laughing so much, it took my ages to stop laughing, the way i laughed was way out of all proportion to how funny it was .Sativex does that to me, strange how it affects me like that isn’t it. Anyway the photo is still frameless, lol. Cheryl:-)

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry about the frame, but the Sativex sounds great - I could really do with getting high (legally, that is). I know there are less orthodox and less expensive methods, but those are not for me. It would be just like me to get caught!

Incidentally, getting photos into frames isn’t as easy as it might sound. Last school photos I had, of my nephews, my sister put them in the post to me - with the little cardboard frames they give you.

I thought it was slightly odd she hadn’t put them in the frames.

Well…I had a right job. Thought they’d never go in there - or not without spoiling the photos. They did go in eventually, but they’re certainly never coming out again!

E-mailed Sis, to say: “Thanks for the photos, but they were a bit tricky to get in the frames…”

She wrote back: “Haha! Why’d you think I didn’t do it?”

Thanks, Sis!


Lol Tina, yeah I know, it would be like me to get caught too, well, as you say, at least Sativex is legal, the high has worn off forthe moment and it was kinda funny but I still think I’d prefer if it didn’t make me high tbh. Oh, these cardboard frames are a nightmare, having a laugh at your sister not putting them in the frame and well done to you on getting the job done. The thought of getting my photo into the cardboard frame was what spurred me on to order a glass one which should have been easier! However, I’ll have to try myself to squash one photo into a cardboard frame cos I want to send one to my husbands granny and she is 94 with not great eyesight so that job will be too difficult for her, so gonna have to do it myself! Cheryl:-)

Hi, are you sure you`re getting the dose right, and not taking an extra puff for good luck?

luv Pollx

Oh Poll, is that where I’m going wrong, lol. I’m still laughing at it now, so is my little girl (but she didn’t have Sativex, lol). Cheryl:-)

Sounds like I could do with some of this myself! At least if it didnt help my stiffness Id be laughing about it!! lol

Lol, I’m still laughing and it really wasn’t all that funny. Cheryl:-)