Sativex cancelled

I just phone both my GP and pharmacy to check on my Satviex prescription.

The receptionist told me that it had been rejected.

I have been on Sativex for over 2 years now and my GP did not even discuss the matter with me.

I’m very disappointed because I do find it beneficial and have requested a phone consultation with my GP.

I thought that they could not just remove the prescription without consulting me on the matter.

Any advice would be helpful.

I have Sativex on my repeat prescriptions, and even though I’ve stopped using it a couple of years ago it is still there if I want to request it.

I’m not sure if your GP would of needed to speak to you first before removing it, but a courtesy call from him/her to explain would of been good.

Certainly speak to your GP and explain the benefits it gives you.

In my experience with Sativex it did absolutely nothing, but we are all different.

My GP phoned me and looked at my prescription record. He told me that 3 of my prescriptions had been cancelled for some reason and he would look into it. He has issued me with a new prescription and will phone me again next month. I was speaking to my friend up in Cumbria and he told me that similar things are happening and he thinks its part of a NHS cost cutting exercise.