Sarah Painton 1978 - 2015

I am hoping some of you lovely people out there will remember the many forums I have written about Sarahs illness. This Is to let you all know that sadly Sarah passed away on the 15th July 2015. At the age of 37. This began when with her MS giving her swallowing problems, she was fed a grape by her husband, she then started to choke. Her husband tried to remove the grape, but Sarah was going blue, 3 paramedics were called, after 40 minutes and a Cardiac Arrest and 3 Heart Attacks, they managed to revive her. But Sarah had lost 40 minutes to her Brain, she was officially Brain Dead. After 3 days in Intense Care the doctors had done everything they could, so it was agreed to turn everything off. This was a big shock to us, we new MS would eventually bring Sarahs life to an end. But just not like this. Her mum Brenda and I are still in shock. So can we now thank all you lovely people out there for all you help, guidance and support through her life with Primary Progressive MS.

Thankyou Chris Brennan

So very sorry Chris.

so very sorry to hear about Sarah, may she rest in peace.

j x

So sorry Chris x

So very sorry. Andy

So sorry. lee

Oh how sad…I send you and all her family and friends my very best wishes. RIP Sarah.


So sorry to hear this Chris. RIP Sarah.

Shazzie xx

at peace xx

Very sad my prayers go out to you all, RIP Sarah

Kielyn xx

My thoughts are with you at this time RIP Sarah.