You don’t have to be suicidal… but if you’re feeling down it can help to chat to someone:

08457 909090

Pat x

Thanks Pat, this time of year can throw up lots of emotions; not always good.

Wendy x

Thanks for saying what a lot of us are thinking, Just being here lets anyone know they’re not alone Margaret x

Hi Pat, got a shock when I saw your post`s title and your name attached.

Thought to myself, Oh no! has it all got too much for our Pat?

I know you are usually the agony aunt to a lot of us.

luv Pollx

ive needed to use the samaritans email n calls alot in the past, but luckily healthy minds have jumped in now n hopefully they will help from now on, the samaritans have always bin good, they dont tell you they know wat ur goin thru, they let u take ur time n they are really patient whichhelps alot, there has been a few times when they have been there to listen n its stopped me doin somethin stupid, now ive got a cat (murphy) for the last 16 months, hes helped alot, he listens to me buit doesnt answer back, he needs lookin after n everythin, so it helps havin a lil one there that you need to look after, hes bin a life saver (literally) aswell

Hi Vikki, thankyou for sharing your experiences with us.

I used samaritans myself twice,when really worried about a relative.

Its heartening to know your Murphy is helping you. He was just what you needed at a bad time. And now you look after each other. Thats nice.

luv Pollx

I find your post very moving Vicki. Thanks for sharing… and I’m so pleased you have Murphy in your life.

Pat x

thankyou, im so glad ive got him now, i cant remember wat it was like before i had him, hes literally taken over everythin lol, at first i didnt want him n was really stubborn coz mum kept goin on n on at me to have him, so bein stubborn i said no, but im glad i changed my mind now, its amazing how much pets can help, even with a lil purrified cuddle wen they can tell you need one