saga of the knee braces

Hi all, Sorry to say my enter button on hudl broke so cannot start new paragraphs. So had an appointment this morning on the hottest day so far ! Needed to go to orthotics dept so they could fit the flexion keys to my latest knee braces. They were supposed to have been fitted when issued but some clever orthotist decided not to. So after proving they were needed by 2 visits to a & e they were ordered. Told NO we cannot post them to you as they MUST be fitted by the specialists. OK so another 110 mile round trip, only to find that they only had 1 … errrr 2 legs 2 braces…why 1 key ??? That,s one sorted come back in 4 weeks we should have the other one here then. I left with a smile as I know these things happen but honestly…I was almost collapsed with fatigue by the time we got home. Just beginning to come round 6 hours after getting in and straight to bed with hubby,s help. Do not think I can cope with that trip again in this heat. But then it could well be winter by the time they get the spare part !!!