Sad news :-(

This morning, I decided to try and be more positive, so when I received an invite to 100 days of happiness, I thought why not? I was due to start work at 11.30, so was enjoying an unusual lie in and then able to get myself ready for work at a more leisurely pace. It was a strange morning at the office, the phones were unusually quiet, then around lunch time senior staff looked stressed and kept disappearing. After lunch all staff were asked to attend a meeting. There we were told of a colleague who had taken his own life just hrs before. He was a sufferer of chronic arthritic pain, had heart problems and at 52 used sticks to help him get around. On the outside he was always upbeat, could put a smile on your face and talk to about anything. He sat next but one to me and we used to put the world’s to rights. He had 2 1/2 weeks off work for stress but came back upbeat and unusually what seemed pain free for just 1 day. Last week he posted on FB about suicide prevention, if only I’d realised what it really meant. I’ve only known him a year and shared the same office space for 7 mths but his laughter, his smiles and his ability to put smiles on other people’s faces when he was so obviously hurting so much inside makes today a very sad day. I think tomorrow I’ll see things from a different angle and it’ll be easier to find thing to be happy about. But today I mourn for Steve.

So sorry to read this. Impossible to know what difficulties people have. Very sad for him and his family.


Hiya, we never truly know those about us, just what they are hiding beneath the surface, is this not a good reason why we should always be upbeat, be happy among others, the time we us to moan and cry is behind closed doors, by ourselves, this was a person who radiated happiness, on the outside, but (there’s always a but) did anyone really try to get to know him, his inner self, we are all to blame for tragic deaths like this, unfortunately, we live in a couldn’t care less me me me society, people should/must be first choice, Brian

so sorry to hear this,so very sad.

J x

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Sorry to read this. Try to remember the good times you shared with him. He was obviously very good at hiding his pain and troubles. Condolences to his colleagues, friends and family


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I know what you mean. I don’t know the 1st thing about my work colleagues. We arrive at work just in time to start. We have phone calls all morning. Only stop to ask if anyone wants a drink. No time to chat. We have too many calls waiting and were put under pressure to deal with more and more. I knew a little bit about his partner, who had recently from him, but kept calling him to meet up & have dinner. He was confused. On Tuesday he told the had decided to have a complete break, not sure who’s idea but he seemed more positive about thing. How wrong can you be. We are back in the swing of things again but those around us have agreed to be more open and share a bit more. He was such a lively chap, just can’t believe he felt he couldn’t carry on :frowning:

Thank you guys. Yesterday was a sad sad day. It’s horrible looking at his, now, empty desk. Staff & management have been fab & we can all have time off for his funeral, which is amazing & counselling for anyone who might need it :’-(