RSPB Big Garden Watch this Saturday

I will be sitting at the window for an hour watching and counting the birds

Details here.

I love nature and I love my birds, I get protective over them and sometimes bash the window to scare away a bully Magpie or scar off a cat waiting to pounce on MY birds.

DON. The protector of birds


I’m with you and ready …

robins/collared doves - sunflower hearts - check

robins/blackbirds - mealworms - check

great and blue tits - peanuts - check

jays (and squirrels!) - monkey nuts - check

fat wood pigeons - all of the above! I try to let them have some food then scare them off as I am not convinced they ever feel full and would leave any food of their own free will!

Luckily my dogs ensure this is a cat free garden so no fear of cat attacks on my birds …

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i love bird watching,we get lots in our garden and blackbirds seem to think its THEIR garden these days,they love nesting each year,

in fact they are becoming a problem as when they are nesting,we cant hang the washing out for them, they dive bomb us lol.

J x

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I will be sitting there with you Don! Should be good this year if it stays so frosty.

Nina x

I love birds too! Thank you for reminding me about this, I will do the survey too!

You can also record your observations on BTO’s BirdTrack if you like - any time you feel like it, all year round. This provides them with valuable data:

Happy birding to all!

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I used to be a member of the BTO but like all these things ended up having to rationalise my charities that get support.

Unhappy coz next door are having the back of the house repointed and the birds just keep getting scared away

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BirdTrack is free to use if you would like to - and they never hassle you to pay anything or join for a fee as a member! You’re donating your bird records / identification skills / time only!

I know - it’s annoying when birds you are watching are scared away by dogs, vehicles, other people… One of many ways to make me grumpy!

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Hi Don,

Is that the old Don again? It’s lovely to hear you so enthusiastic.

Cant wait to get into our flat. It’s going to have a small garden and I am going to make it nature friendly just like our old one was.

I love to see robins they are such a cheeky wee bird. In our last house we had house martins nesting. We also had a rowan tree and every year we had these birds that came and stripped the berries bare in no time at all. Can’t remember what they were called but they were colourful.

We used to have hedgehogs came in but I haven’t seen one for a few years now. We also had a grey squirrel come and sit on ,

my window ledge looking at me washing dishes. ( cheeky ).

Mags xx

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Mags I have this picture in my head now of the squirrel doing quality control. I get that from my kids or used to they delighted in shouting REJECT.

Hope your new garden will be a haven for wildlife.

Lapwing I will give it a go, I am always sitting at the window watching stuff and if we go out we usually take in a nature stop somewhere at a NNR or a RSPB place


Hi Don,

BirdTrack is a bit fiddly in the beginning, but once you get into it, it’s a really good way to keep track of what you’ve seen and you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing your sightings! I hope you enjoy it. Anyway - the most important thing - happy birding!

I hope to get out later today and see what’s out there. The garden birds are scared by the workmen so very few visiting. Last winterwatch tonight