Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2007. Until recently I think I have coped well with being a single mum to 2 children, working and living with Ms. I’m having a relapse at the moment and have started to become quite depressed because I’ve had to have time off work and feel like I’m letting myself and my children down by not being fully well. Does anyone else have feelings like these and if so how do u cope xx

hi nicola

you should have told your ms nurse by now about the relapse.

she or he will be monitoring you for the effectiveness of your DMD.

you’ve done well for over 10 years and should be able to continue doing well.

children are resilient little beings who just need to know that you love them.

if they are of the age where they want you to play with them, you will need to adapt the type of play to suit your physical ability at the moment.

maybe energetic football matches will have to wait.

reading to them is a marvellous way to give them quality time and lends itself to lots of cuddles.

don’t allow this downer to take over your life.

it’s a glitch that’s all.

carole x

look around you, there are some crap parents who have no health issues at all! However much we do were it not for the m.s. we could probably do more - that’s the nature of the beast. If you really analyse what you are doing you are probably doing an awful lot for your children. Don’t beat yourself up - we have been dealt a rubbish hand - all we can do is make of things the best we can.

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