RRMS neurology nurse


i was diagnosed on May 1st 2019, I’ve only just started plegridy yesterday even though prescription had been done around the 20th June, i received a letter today from the hospital stating I have a neurologist appointment with the nurse anyone know what this could be about I had a mri on my spine a few weeks ago and a few ms nursing appointments no one mentioned about the neurologist nurse I don’t even know what they are … any advice greatfully received my app will be in the heath hospital wales

hi not sure about neurologist nurse? but the MS team in the heath are great, I personally was diagnosed over 20 years ago and thus had many dealings with the team at Cardiff UHW all helpful and always respond to rapid response phone number. The piece of advice i would offer is to start any medication as early as offered to try any minimize disability. good luck Simon

Thank you for the reply, yes I started my medication yesterday I know my ms nurse as she’s also my sisters ms nurse and I agree they are fab I may give them a ring tomorrow just to c if they would know what it’s about I had a few missed calls from the hospital but no messages so maybe I’ll also try and get in touch with them as well I hate not knowing what it’s about lol

thanks again

Hi Yohanna my MS nurse wanted to ensure that i could do the injections and talk me through any likely problems. seeing that you started yours on Wednesday this reply has come a little late. happy jabbing!

Hi Yohanna, I’ve been on Plegridy for a while (2 years) and see my MS nurse at least every three months, just for support more than anything else. However as you have just started the drug it may be that he or she not only wants to know how you find the whole process, but also to arrange for you to have some blood tests to make sure that your liver is coping with the drug. Its no biggie ( unless you happen not to care too much for blood tests) - I just had a set done a month ago and all is well.I’m sure you will be, too! Nia .