rrms and lesions

If a brain mri scan is done when someone is in a relapse are the results different to a scan done when that person is in remission?

Yes if it’s done with contrast dye. The contrast shows up areas of high signal or current inflammation. I think. Sue

thanks Sue - if you have an attack then go into remission and your brain scan takes place when you’re in remission will it show anything that points to someone having m.s.?

I suspect (I’m a total numpty when it comes to science, this is just what I think!) that when you have a relapse, what is left behind is a lesion or a scar. That would be the evidence for RRMS. So being in remission wouldn’t make the difference between diagnosis or not. No demyelinating lesions anywhere in the CNS equals no relapses and therefore no RRMS/SPMS. The same may not be true of PPMS as that seems completely different. (But what do I know?) Sue