Rolly no longer my best friend (ladyinred2000)

I have been extolling the virtues of a 4 wheeled rollator quite a few times on our forum. However - have now changed my mind. I walk barefoot in the house and am fed up with the number of times I stub my toes on the wheels of the rollator. Particularly bad one this morning as still throbbing an hour later. This is slightly tongue in cheek as I would be really stuck without rolly - but today it is a love/hate relationship! Anyone else had the same problem and found a solution?

Hi, I would try and wear something on your feet. I used to love walking in bare feet, all my life. I can remember getting told off, even in my teens, for not wearing anything, I even used to go into the garden barefooted… I had to change mainly when I started with Reynauds (really bad circulation). I started with slipper socks and then very thin soled slippers and now I wear slippers most of the time, and now it feels odd to go barefoot! Lynne x

Alas, the only solution I have is to wear shoes! I have a few problems with my beloved 3 wheeler, I sometimes move my feet faster than it moves forward and kick the rear wheels! This can only be controlled by me remembering to concentrate especially when going from lino to carpet (a thing that happens a lot where I work). Can’t walk with it - can’t walk without it! :? Clarexxx

Guess you could try wearing slippers, eh? luv Pollx