Rollator question

Does anyone have, or has anyone used or seen a three wheeled rollator when the single wheel is at the back? The only 3 wheelies I’ve seen all have the single wheel at the front.

The reason for the question is that my walking style is to swing the right leg out and then swing it back as it’s coming through. I’ve tried rollator with 2 wheels at the back and they didn’t work for me as I kept kicking the right rear wheel as the right foot came through.

I’ve asked the same Question to the MS Nurse, physio and OT and am waiting for their replies.


Hi Derek

I can’t imagine that they’d make rollators with the third wheel at the back. Because the market would be quite small. It shouldn’t be because there are quite a lot of people who swing their leg out to the side, but you typically see that in people who are still walking without a rollator. And the majority of rollator users need the bigger gap at the back of the triangle (or square) of wheels because in order to walk with your body properly aligned (according to physiotherapists) you should be standing upright and moving your legs between the wheels at the back.

Obviously many of us walk in a less than perfect style, typically because we’ve spent years walking in a way which compensates for our deficits in ‘bad’ (according to physios) ways.

But I might be wrong. There will be others like you who’d prefer the triangle of wheels to be the opposite way round to usual.


Can you turn the handles round so that you’re pushing it “backwards”?

Hmm. I use one of these indoors for shuffling. I think that’s possible you know.