Roll up Roll up Bowel updates here

No better maybe even worse blog update

I am in bed having been asleep all day its just after 1 AM. Fed up dont cover it I am well starts with P ends in F ISSED OF goes in between

Now laptops over heating GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Hi Don

You have definitely gone through it lately (((((hugs))))) from me.

Does your gp or ms nurse know how things are? If not, I think you must tell them Don, these extra problems along with ms is so hard for you, wish I had a magic wand to wave.

Pat has mentioned in another post about linseeds, might be worth a try.

Hope things are better for you today, take care.

Pam x

Don you are really in the wars. Really wishing I had a magic wand.

Give the linseeds a go.

Wishing you a good night tonight and a much better day tomorrow.

Pat xx

Thanks folks, still in bed but my GP called today and has stopped the Antibiotics and I am getting blood tests. My Urine had no trace of infection so this seems to be viral


nEw smilies

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Answered you on other thread Don… so just to say that if it’s viral that’s why everything else as gone through the ceiling. Fingers crossed things settle down very soon…

Pat xx

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