Rizzo please read

Karen would you just check the post below entitled swallowing difficulties.

Ive responded from an experience point of view bu could you confirm the technical aspect?

Cheers my dear. Gillian

Not sure what I can add tbh - you’ve done a sterling job :slight_smile: plus it’s not something I’ve ever had myself. Jacqui (user02) is probably the best person for advice about swallowing. I’ll give her a nudge.

I’ll add what I know though.


thx Karen x

K and Gillian

Glad to be of assistance!


Did I miss something? Forget to say thank you somewhere?

Sorry if I’ve unwittingly caused offence!

Karen x

Please also accept my apologies if I’ve unwittingly been ignorant.


I replied to the wrong thread

Note to self-I am sure there must be some brain matter left between the lesions, try and use that part :wink:


Glad you cleared that up, I really didn’t understand! Teresa xx

Me too Teresa! Thanks for clearing it up Tu :slight_smile:


Glad its not just me that replies to wrong thread Tu :slight_smile: xx