Rizzo could you help me please

I hope you don’t mind. I have just managed to get hold of a copy of my referal letter from my epilepsy nurse to the useless neuro. In it it says that my MRI from 2009 showed prominent perivascular space in the right basal ganglia. Is this likely to be ms related or is it nothing? Thanks Xx

It’s not something particularly related to MS that I know of. It could be something you were born with, but it could have been caused by some of the tissue dying there and leaving a hole. “Tissue dying” sounds a bit scary, but it’s common in quite a lot of conditions (including MS) and can happen naturally as we get older too.

This is quite a good description of the basal ganglia: Basal Ganglia.

And this is a good one of peri-vascular spaces:



Thanks Karen your brilliant! Not sure what age would cause it I was 37 when it was done. Am waiting for an appointment for another one but brain only again. Thanks again Xx

Just read the links and they were very informative thanks. I found the part about ADD interesting as my son has ADHD and its good to read about the true causes of it rather than its caused by bad parenting. Xx

Oh blimey! Most of my brain is just a mess then…OCD, ADD, Tourette’s and probable MS to add to the mix…oh and migraine and Insomnia…I need to see the Wizard of Oz for a new brain!

Aww moonie x. I have epilepsy, migraine, insomnia and possible ms so not sure we even have a healthy brain between us lol Xx