Hi, People keep telling me that my diet is too restrictive and that I need to add more variety, so last night I had some whole grain rice with my tea. By 7pm I couldn’t walk! My legs became very achey and restless and when I eventually got to bed, I had a very bad night’s sleep as I had to wake up to move my legs into a different position. My husband works full-time in London and stays overnight on a Tuesday and Wednesday night so I’m on my own at the mo with our sons who’re 9 and 12. They’re getting very fed up with having to help me and do jobs for me. I feel stupid for trying to add foods back into my diet when no one was around to support me. Moral of the story - I know my body best. I must stand my ground and not let others bully me or intimidate me just because they want everyone to dance to their tune. I’m now going to have a rubbish few days while the effects of the rice wear off. Heather

Hi heather, oh dear. Sorry to hear how you had an adverse reaction to the rice. Who told you to eat it? We all know what is good for us and bad for us, but it is up to each individual to choose what they actually do eat.

If you are not coping with everything, why not think about asking for Social Services to do an assessment and maybe get you some paid care?

I did this 2 years ago and it worked out very well. The scheme is called Direct Payments.

Hope the rice soon leaves your body and you feel better.

luv Pollx