Richard III (not MS)

Plans for the interment of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral had to be shelved today, when Atos stepped in and declared him fit to work.

Love it!


no surprises there, then!

hahaha spot on



Pat x

Lets have a bit of sympathy here; being he was found in a car park the Council want £2 million in back dated charges.

That will give him the hump!!!

Lol. Sounds about right! Teresa xx


Ah, but there are reports that he was seen riding on a horse and fighting even though he had a curved spine.

Surely, that must prove he is fit for work? Even in death you cannot escape the ATOS checklist. You are probably a lying thieving B anyway…

atos checklist for fitness to work.

1: breathing

2: got a finger to push a button.

3:in a coma


all above means you are fit for work.

Very good, I like that one.


Good one mate