Return to work interviews

Can I have some advice or reassurance for my husband on return to work interviews. He is an engineer for an international company. He has had 1 interview with Occ Health the other month. He has, despite diagnosis, remained in FT work and intends to obviously. He has had 2 days sick last week relating to his water and bowel urgency issues. (MS nurse has referred him to the Contienance team) I’m just wondering whether should expect from a return to work process. It was only a 2 day absence. Many thanks

will your husband have support from a union rep?

do they even exist these days?

it seems like a minor thing but continence issues are a major thing from the sufferer’s point of view.

my bladder nurse really helped me to avoid constant UTIs.

i can’t help you with what the outcome of the meeting will be, sorry.

wish you both well.

Agree, unions are a good idea when you have MS. Mine have been v. Supportive. Also, remember that if the work place know of the MS, then your husband has some additional protection (esp. with regards absence), through the Disability Act and through Access to Work arrangements. It may be that your husband’s 2 days off of work, are recorded as disability absence, rather than sickness. Citizens Advice can also advise. Kindest regards Ali

Are his company aware of his Ms diagnosis? Under the Equality act he is automatically classed as disabled if he has Ms regardless of how badly effected he currently is,and this does afford him some protections from discrimination and the company are expected to make reasonable adjustments as necessary.

for info on the equality act see here they have a helpline you can ring

For most employment issues if not in a union Acas are a good shout

I think he should be honest with his employers and without getting balshy if possible,make sure they are aware of his disabled status under the equality act(never hurts to let them know you know this,its likely the manager won’t unless Hr have told him) and as this absense is related to his Ms request that this disability absense be kept seperate on record to other sickness not linked and be discounted when comparing to company tolerance levels(this a reasonable adjustment for Equality act purposes).The return to work should not be to attack him but to check he is ok and fit to return etc.


Does his workplace have disabled toilets?

If not, he will need them at some point.

Thanks for the guidance. Particularly requesting it’s noted as a disability absence. That’s helpful. He doesn’t work in a specific place. He’s on the road constantly. So disability toilets aren’t a conversation he needs. He had no control and has to go more or less instantly. He self manages but that presents issues on some days. Really appreciate your advice. Thankyou all.

RE: “He’s on the road constantly.”

Your husband will need to inform the DVLA that he has MS.

Also ‘Access to work’ might help if he find driving difficult.

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The DLVA have been informed already. He’s not find driving difficult. As he’s leg weakness doesn’t affect his driving and he’s generally able to manage toilet stops.

Thankyou for the Access to work link. That’s very helpful reading.

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Just wanted to thank everyone. The process was really positive. After my misplaced worry. The company are replacing his works van so it’s an automatic so there’s less leg movement needed. And listened to other H&S changes too. Very pleased you mentioned the disability absence has that’s been noted now at HR. Thanks all. I value this forum a lot