Retrobulbar neurtis


Has a home had the above diagnosis with OCT disc fullness.

Thanks christine

Hi i have lots of problems with my eyes .from being blurred too the light.ive been the optians and the nerves are ok.i have migraines as well but now they happen with out the shapes n problems are more in left eye but it does happen in the right eye.this ms is crazy or is it the ms

The type of ON they say I have is further back in the eye and nearer to the brain. I’m being called back for more tests in Sept and october.

Have they said what the cause of your eye problems are?

Thank u for replying.they said its not the msbut the ms n light especially effects me.sometimes it confuses me as i dont get straight answers.

Hi Christine. I have retrobulbar optic neuritis in my right eye caused by my MS. It was what led to my diagnosis.

Thanks for your reply. I’d not heard of it before we people usually mention ON which is nearer the eye. Did you have any treatment for it and did it return. Thanks christine

I’ve not had another episode since last year thank goodness . At the time I was admitted to hospital and given IV steroids and plasma exchange which stopped my left eye going blind. I’ve since had a treatment called Lemtrada (chemotherapy iv) to try and slow my MS progression, so that may be playing a part in preventing further Optic neuritis.

The eye clinic specialist told me he would not prescribe steroids for me. By the time I got to the eye clinic my vision had improved. My vision loss was at it’s worst in dim lighting and when not. Did you notice any difference in your vision loss when it was dark?.

If your vision had improved by the time you were seen then that would explain why you didn’t get steroids . My bad eye is blind so I don’t notice any difference whether its dark or not. My remaining vision in my good eye is much worse in the dark and I can’t drive at night.

Iv got to back to eye clinic for further tests. Looking back I have have incidents like this long before my ppms diagnosis. When I read about the prognosis it was daunting and I’d never read anything on here about it until now. Hope things don’t get any worse for you Christine