Has anyone retrained and what in? i am starting to feel I should as feel that work is too difficult with MS symptoms, reduced mobility, reduced hand/fine movements,speech difficulties, unable to drive anymore…I am a manager in NHS, I still want to work for emotional and financial reasons, and I know I would not do so well sitting at home.

Hi Hoochi,
I’ve not got to that point yet, but I am getting really close. I am a manager in the clinical reasearch business, I haven’t driven for 5 months, find it difficult to concentrate and retain information, as well as managing 10 people. I’m seriously considering early retirement etc…
It’s difficult to think what I would retrain for as so many things need IT skills (keyboard work), dealing with people on a daily basis etc. I suppose one thing is retraining as a councillor to help people in the same boat???
It’s a hard decision to make isn’t it??? I hope all goes well for you.

Take care…