Results are back - appointment tonight!

Ok so finally the results from the LP, VEP, SSEP and blood tests are all finally back. Got a phone call last night from consultants secretary. The consultant is seeing me tonight! So the day has finally arrived where I get diagnosis!

Good luck and dont forget we are all here,whatever the results,and however you react to the news.


Thanks so much pip :slight_smile: xx

Goody luck today x

Thanks stardust

Good Luck Karina Let us know how it goes! Teresa xx

Good luck Karina

I know it’s been a difficult and emotional few weeks for you. I hope you finally get some answers. Let usd know how you get on.

Thinking of you.



Good luck for tonight. Sam x

Good luck!


Good luck hun. Waiting to see what happened.

luv Pollx

Good luck hon.

Pat x

Really appreciate everyone’s support you’ve a been amazing and appreciate every single one of you

Good luck and glad you will be getting some answers at last x

Good luck x

Hi everyone, well results are in and yes I’ve got ms as expected. He’s now putting the PET scan as urgent as there’s something else clearly going on and he’s also referring me to a dermatologist for the hair loss and once the PET scan is done he’s sending me to a lover specialist. So I’ve got loads of things going on and unfortunately still in the dark as to the big C which I could possibly have. Gosh it’s all going on for me hey! Still got to keep smiling hey :slight_smile:

Really sorry to hear that it’s so complicated and that it’s not “just” MS :frowning:

Rather wondering what a “lover specialist” could be. It’s a bit late for my brain to work out what the original that the autocorrect corrected was!

Whatever it is, I hope it all happens sooner rather than later so you can move on from all this diagnosis cr@p.


Karen x

Gosh lover specialist would be funny! It was meant to say liver specialist!

So sorry about the dx Karina. I hope the other results are not what you fear when they come. Take things a day at a time - this is a lot to take on board. Look after yourself and let others do the same! At least you are starting to get some answers now. I’m really hoping for a good outcome on your other results! Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Thank you for sharing your results with us,and sorry you have the ms dx but also the uncertainty of other things, so limboland still exists.

Keep strong and remember we are all behind you


Hello, So sorry to hear the diagnosis- I too had mine only a few days ago, so I know how you’re feeling about the MS. I dont have other health complications like you and I think you’re doing a fabulous job of being strong and calm at what is a frightening time. At least you’re now getting tests done urgently so you will have some answers soon I hope. I also like the sound of the ‘lover’ specialist- maybe we should all have one :wink: he he Keep smiling hon xx