Restless legs at night

Does anyone suffer from restless legs at night? I am awake for hours tossing and turning with a discomfort in my left leg which is only alleviated by movement. Painkillers seem to help but its driving me bonkers not to mention my poor boyfriend!!


Yes, I get this sometimes…although not very often when I’m in bed…I find that If I’m quite tired and sitting down…my legs feel very ‘restless’ and I have to keep moving them…an awful feeling.


Hya, it would be worth seeing GP about this.

If they dx Restless Leg Syndrome (a quite common neurological condition) there are drugs that can help. I think GP would have to refer you to neuro for dx.

If on other hand you are moving your leg because of pain, it would be worth seeing GP to see what pain med’s might help.

Pat x

Oh thanks I’ll ask at my next neuro appointment