Resting or fighting the symptoms- what works best.

Hi I don’t have a dx yet but have a number of symptoms that may point to ms. I’m seeing a neurologist in 2 weeks privately as my GP said not to wait the 4 months to see someone on the NHS. I have a variety of symptoms including falling over, dropping things, mixing words up , double vision, and swallowing difficulties. I can see over my history that I’ve probably had episodes of this previously and I did have glandular fever as a child. I went to see my GP today and she’s signed me off for for 3 weeks. Until now I’ve been trying to fight whatever’s happening. When people have felt like this what helps to reduce the symptoms, resting or fighting to carry on.

Rest. All-important. Like you, my first instinct is to plough on through it - but that does more harm than good, as I found out by bitter experience! Take a break, have ten minute nap and then back to it… Disclaimer - that’s presuming it does turn out to be MS. If it isn’t, my advice is worth diddley-squat and you’d be better off asking your healthcare people about it…

Thanks I asked my gp yesterday and she said it’s difficult until they know what it is but probably rest is best

Pace yourself and you’ll need less rest, but if you’ve already overdone it, then you have to rest really well to recover. I overdid it two weeks ago, then kept going and now I’m paying for it big time.

Take up mindfulness and build it into your day, never ever rush anywhere for anything, get your shopping delivered, don’t allow anything to get you worked up. Forget about housework or get someone else to do it. It’s nice to have a really good excuse to stop and smell the flowers :slight_smile:

I have found that resting little and often the most beneficial.

Going full steam ahead does you more harm than good.

While I have no idea yet what I have, I do know that struggling on is not the answer. Just makes you feel worse.