Rest or keep going?

On Thursday I was feeling ok, so managed to do some housework, drive. A chair yoga class and make tea.

Although I had another restless night, I did feel ok on Fri am, managed some ironing, stacked the dishwasher, took my youngest to school, although legs ached on uphill bits. Then did a few emails and some stuff on computer that needed doing. Thought I better have a drink and some fruit and watch a bit of tv - rest a while. I did this for about an hour, but then came over all cold, and dizzy.

Took myself off to bed as my constant headache had got worse and I felt week and tried.
Ended up stopping there for rest of day, did manage an hour or so sleep. Dragged myself out of bed for school run, had to walk as did not feel safe to drive, ended up having takeaway for tea, second time this week, as no energy or inclination to cook.

Spent evening on sofa with headache and pain in my left arm, feels like I have a blood pressure monitor on squeezing my arm all the time.

Not sure what I should do? Is it best to try and keep going or rest when your body tells you to?

Am on treatment for depression, but different than depression tired. Beta blockers for headache, only been a week but not making any difference . Going to see eye specialist in 2 weeks as I have dropping eyelid, small pupil and reversed squint, which means I have blurred and double vision, but not constant.

Seen Neuro and waiting for brain and spine MRI to look for MS.

I have a husband and 2 school aged children, finding it hard to manage.

Any ideas, suggestions?

Sorry to moan on

Hi Apple,

This is one of the things I always struggle with....resting. Or more precisely (in my case) it's not so much the 'learning to listen' to what my body is trying to tell me, but the following it through and actually 'doing it' that I seem to have trouble with confused

It's not always so easy or simple to put into practice what with work and family life, but resting rather than ploughing on (like I tend to do!) is definitely the better thing to do.

If you can, try varying your day depending on how you feel. For example on a bad day rest as much as possible but on a better day don't go mad and cram everything in, otherwise you'll undo all the good that the resting has done! Do only the necessary stuff and leave everything that can - if we're being completely honest - actually wait.

It's definitely a bit of a learning curve when trying to come up with different ways of making shortcuts throughout our day-to-day lives but it's also possible too. Even small things like taking less trips up & down the stairs can make a big difference.

It might be worth noting how you feel since starting on the beta blockers too because dizziness and feeling cold (I think?) can be a side effect.

Hope that helps & that you start to feel a bit better soon

Debbie xx  





I think we are all guilty of this especially I we have kids. I would say to you rest whenever you can and don’t push too hard, however I never practice what I preach!
I have no close family nearby and have always just got on and done it all. It’s so hard to admit you just can’t do it anymore.
I am trying to break it into chunks now, empty and reload dishwasher then a break, washing out of machine and more in then rest etc.
I don’t always stick to it and not everything gets done but I get the kids to do jobs, they are never to young to help.

Hi Apple Ipad

I would definitely pace yourself when you are feeling well and as Debbie said don't over do it. On a bad day rest up. Yesterday I didn't feel great - just very fatigued. I got home early and feel asleep on the sofa and missed yoga, didn't clean, did some work on my laptop but thats it. Listen to your body - hard though it is the outcome if you over do it is much worse.

Hope you're feeling better.



Hi Apple Pad

Yes, as others have said, the answer is to rest up when you're feeling bad.

After advice from Neuro, I now have a regular rest-time when I lie down for an hour. For me, my low time is around 4pm, so I try to keep that for rest. I really do feel better for it.

The other thing is that I've had to lower my standards as regards housework, i.e. windows don't get cleaned regularly.  When I change the bed it's done in stages, i.e. bottom sheet on, then a rest, duvet cover on whilst sitting down (a stool each side of the bed) etc. I sit to do the ironing. Little changes like this can help get through the day.

Give yourself some slack - your family love you for just 'being there', so take good care. Limbo is hard so go easy on yourself.

Bren x

apple pad I am we’re you are and have wondered shall I keep going or sit down. I get more stressed by sitting/resting as I normally work full time run around behind the kids walk the Labrador’s (who are crazy!) so I now pick three things to achieve each day, but not three big things and spread jobs over couple of days instead off rushing.

have been off sick for three months originally treated for stroke but neuro thinks ms. anyway what I wanted to say is listen to above its good advice, I now pace my day and only do essentials. the door frames,windows, lawn, ect can wait! food,clothes and spending time with the children is we’re I spend my energy. the children have enjoyed responsibility of helping mum.

pace yourself and take care. when having bad day come on here. best wishes xx

Hello Apple Pad,

There's not much else I can add to all the good advice that you have been given, except listen to what your body is telling you and do it. Take care.