Hi everybody. I’ve got a idea and wounded if it would be of interest to enough people.

Some years ago we wanted to travel to Spain, flying wasn’t an option.

Euro tunnel was but as we live in the north of England it’s a 5 hour drive just to get to the tunnel.

I did quite a lot of research into this and found that it would be another 4 hour drive in France before finding suitable accommodations, 9 hours at least. What I mean by suitable is the full works completely, eg wetroom ceiling, track hoist, profiling bed everything we need at home.

My idea is to setup b+bs hopefully (chain) all the way down though France and Spain. Too ambitious I know. Is it feasible? Why hasn’t it all ready been done? Is there a need?

I would greatly appreciate feedback and thoughts from anyone.

Try Dragon’s Den.

There’s a Facebook group called Limited Mobility & Wheelchair Friendly Accommodation. I suspect the accommodation does already exist. And assuming it does, this group would have found it.