Request to old timers

Hya y’all… I’m not at all well today & see there are 3 newbies on ‘newly diagnosed’ board waiting for replys. Can some of you old timers nip over there and reply.

Thanks so much…

Pat x

Sorry you are feeling so unwell today Pat. Hope you feel better very soon. Sam x

Hope you feel better soon Pat x

Hi Pat Done and hope you soon recover your lovely mojo. Catherine Xx

Pat you were such a help when I came to this site and I’ll always be grateful. Will try to help though I’m reasonably new to this. I hope you feel better soon, relax, people like myself will try to carry on your good work. xx


Oh Pat, what`s up darlin?

I will take a gander on that board.

Keep your pecker up, yeh?


Awww Pat. I have had a look and answered a few. Thanks for that.

You are usually so up beat. I hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

Sorry to hear you’re poorly. Hope you have a good rest and feel better soon. Jane x

Feel well soon xx