"reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"...but try telling job centre plus!

This is a long story (but true, you couldn’t make it up!),Wed morning got a slew of post, motability,HMRC and jobcentre plus. Motability letter says, you have not been awarded enhanced PIP and we want the car back, the HMRC (addressed to representatives of…) condolences on your bereavement…

So hubby phones HMRC to be informed that they got ths info via their linked computer programme from the DWP. then phones motability to be told the same. So phone DWP get through in record time,just 47 minutes, on and on it goes. Somebody needs to answer for this! I also got CWA, girl at jobcentre plus says there has been “a change in circumstances”…at this point hubby’s head exploded (well almost) This computer system is linked to all sorts of gov agencies and the NHS, I want to know if my passport is still ok, or do I just have to take a chance?

I have to say everyone (except jobcentre plus girl) very apologetic, horrified and mortified, but MP is getting an email Monday he can speak to Amber Rudd, if he can tear himself away from the Select Committee. Quite an eventful few days!..think the papers might like this story, would be quite cheap for them, less than £16,000 anway!

You could rob a bank.

I bet the police would establish whether you are dead or alive very quickly!

If I had realised I was dead, could have done anything!

Just a quick update, dwp phoned today, unrelated,…apparently she can see, on her screen that they recieved my death certificate on March 23rd,obviously not sorted yet!

You’re still dead then? Done any good haunting lately Maude?


No,just being haunted by the totally incompetent dwp!i.

Gits! One day, hopefully soon, you’ll demonstrate your aliveness.


It could be your doppelganger, or someone with the same name. Kay

Same NI number, same address, more ammo for MP, who to be fair is taking this further, but stressful to be told they are taking your car before you’ve had a PIP f2f!