Renew inserts

Sharing news about a solution found for bowel incontinence issues.

I was diagnosed with a collapsed lower bowel weakness some years ago following my MS diagnosis which caused leakage particularly, as you can imagine, whilst out and about - whilst at work, at social events, just going to the local shops, etc. This caused quite a bit of anxiety and thinking twice about going anywhere. It’s the sort of dilemma that’s very off putting to talk about, even at my MS support group.

I suffered in silence for years coping by carrying extra sanitary products and avoiding going anywhere unnecessary - although I couldn’t avoid work. I mentioned the issue at an appointment with my MS Consultant he referred me to the G I Physiology team at UCLH who recommended I try Renew Inserts. I have been using these for a few months now and can report they have worked a treat and my anxiety levels have decreased considerably. I would recommend to anyone going through similar issues.

Bum tampons! Whatever will they think of next.

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Hi Jenny G, Yes I use them too and they are amazing. I also had bowel incontinence for several years but daily Peristeen and Renew inserts have made such a difference.xx

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How utterly brilliant. And the anon comment about bum tampons - it looks like that is virtually what they are!!

Thanks for sharing that Jenny.