Evening all.I’m wanting to get back into work.I called JCP and the DEA have done me a referral to Remploy.I have my first appointment with them on Monday.Can anyone tell me what to expect? Thanks

Fi x

Sorry I have no experience of the process… but Remploy factories are being closed by the Posh Boys Government right now. There’s been huge protests and strikes by Remploy workers. They are losing their jobs and chances of getting another one are virtually nil.

Google Remploy. If you use Twitter follow @carl_chambers who’s very involved in the Remploy protest.

I’m sorry if this is bad news for you. Some of the factories are staying so maybe you’ll be lucky.

On the one hand they are telling us we must work, on the other they are closing the only employer who is just for disabled people. Madness bloody madness… and that’s a polite way of expressing myself!

Pat x