Remember this on May the 7th

I’m giving my typing finger a rest today


Speaks for itself Blossom,

Jan x

PS while watching Question Time this morning it struck me that if everyone, big business included, paid their taxes as they should there would be no need for a higher rate tax for the high earners.

The results of the Benefits and Work survey could not be clearer about the Coalition.

Benefits and Work had almost 6,000 responses to our survey, launched in the last newsletter, asking readers about how life had changed under the coalition and whether you intend to vote at the next election.

We’ll be publishing the full results of the survey on Wednesday. But in the meantime, we can reveal that in response to the question:

“Overall, has the Coalition government made your life: Much better; Better; No different; Worse; Much worse.

an overwhelming 84% feel that the coalition has made their life worse or much worse, whilst 14% feel they have made no difference.

Fewer than 2% consider that the Coalition has made their life ‘better’ or ‘much better’.

I’m pretty sure almost nobody in Europe, with or without MS, under any government, feels their life has got “better or much better” over the last few years.

In fact, isn’t it pretty much human nature that people rarely feel their lives have got " better or much better" - let alone with a progressive illness?

If you ask certain questions, you’re inviting certain answers.

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I think if you aimed a worded survey at a specific audience, you would get the desired answered.

It would be interesting if the same questions we’re asked of almost 6000 readers of say ‘hare and hounds’.

maybe I am wrong


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My post wasn’t about any survey.

Agreed, don’t understand the answers some people gave re a survey. Maybe they just never read the post properly. At least we do know that Cameron was right when he said “we are all in this together”. The unfortunate thing for 95% of the population he was telling the truth. The other 5%, of which he is a prominent member, are all in it together. They work together to continually shaft, divide, rule and dismiss the remaining 95% who, as far as I can tell, seem quite willing to be led by the nose to a fate which they can do nothing about. The latest ploy to reduce the benefit payments of those with weight, alcohol or drug problems is just a step further on the road to demonising certain factions in society. Classic Tory tactic. That’s why I was devastated the Scots voted No in September. At least then we would have had at least a chance of a fairer future. As it is the two guys who will be PM are fighting over each other to show how tough they can be on anyone who doesn’t fit into their image of a worthwhile citizen. Remind anyone of the early 30’s?


Hear, hear Blossom and Gary. IBS ooops IDS is an evil, nasty barsteward.

hi blossom

now that nice little catch up with the shady goings on of our glorious leaders has raised my blood pressure nicely.

just hope that karma remembers it all as well and gives them a nice savage bite on the bum

carole x

H anon

Of course it’s important to vote.

Talk to your local candidates, read the manifestos online and make your mind up

I’m voting Labour because they are the fairest party-in my opinion.


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hi blossom,

your post makes fascinating, but really depressing reading. i never have and never will vote tory, unfortunately i don’t know who to vote for, i’ve always hoped for a strong central party… but clearly we don’t have one. i live in a town that has always been a labour stronghold so a vote in any other direction just feels pointless, unfortunately. but god, £100,000 on his horses didn’t seem wrong?!


The only cure for this type of depression is to vote them out

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No more…promise

Good day, don’t know what you’re greetin about, my wife and I have just taken up the offer of a eight month world cruise on the account of the 68 pence A WEEK rise in my benefit, the money, will of course, be paid into our HSBC account in the Seychelles, we will pick up the tidy sum accumulated when we drop anchor there, or when I wake up, whatever is sooner, Brian