Hi folks

Just posted about the Remap charity on everyday living but thought I’d repeat it here seeing as many of us are more into the territory where disability aids matter.

Remap is an organisation of volunteers with design, construction and craft skills who will provide, free of charge, individually tailored solutions to disability needs.

Many disability aids are ‘one size fits all’ and Remap may be able to make adaptations to suit a particular need. They will also design and build aids from scratch where no commercial solution exists.

Remap is a national organisation with a local branches across the country. I have recently received help from them* and they tell me that they are underused, perhaps because they are not well known enough- hence this shout out for them.




Thanks Kev , they sound brilliant. I have heard of them before but had completely forgotten all about what they do. I’ve just had Ross care out to replace my tyres on the salsa. I use my chair so much it’s about the 3rd set of wheels . It’s good to know that there is help out there . I wish there was more awareness and support to access small shops . I feel disappointed when I cant get in because of the lack of a ramp . Take care Michelle and Frazer xx

That sounds really good Kev. I’ve never heard of them but I’m sure there are many aids they could invent to make many people’s lives easier. I wish I’d known about them a few months back when I couldn’t get my recycling boxes out to the roadside as they’re really heavy when full of paper. I spent 2 days in my shed trying to attach wheels to said boxes. I was successful but the air was blue, my fingers lost a reasonable amount of skin and I needed 3 days to recover. However all of my neighbours who are mostly older women have been very impressed and asked for theirs done too.

I’m quite proud of my achievement but haven’t yet found the strength to start again. A group like that would do very well solving problems like that and with a patent I’m sure they could get a decent return on any investment. There are many people who for whatever reason can’t carry heavy boxes full of glass and paper…