Relocation to UK

Good day fellow MS Warriors We my life partner and I intend relating to the UK, specifically Ireland. Does any one know where a neurologist can be foùnd in IRELAND

I would think when you register with a GP he would refer you to Neuro, sorry I can’t be of further help.

Jan x

Hi Janni

When you say Ireland, do you mean the Republic of Ireland, or Northern Ireland? The Republic is not in the U.K., but N.I. Is.

Assuming you mean Northern Ireland, you need to check that you have the right to use the NHS. There should be an internet search you can do to help get some advice. Try the NHS main site, or a website specific to emigrants to the U.K. Tahoe same applies of course if it’s the Republic of Ireland.

Sorry I can’t think of another way to find out, but you would be best to check before moving!

If you’re an European Union National, now might not be the best time to be leaving the safety of The EU!! The same doesn’t of course apply to the Republic as they are safely within the Union, and the Eurozone