relaxation cd

hi all,

on the scroung gain for more advice sorry lol!


i once went to an ms meeting and got given a ms relaxation cd.  was fab and really helped to de-stress me.

however i have gone n lost it.


does anyone know how i can get my hands on one again please?


ty in advance


Anna x

Hi again Anna,

I've got more than one, and I bought them on Amazon.

I can't guarantee you'd find an exact replacement for the one you've lost, but you might be lucky.

If not, you should find plenty of others to choose from.



the MS trust has one on it's website send me a message and i will send you a link however Dr Hilary Jones  I found where far better and I think it is only about £4 from amazon.


   Just looked on Amazon - and have ordered the Hilary Jones Tranquil Sleep. l looked at all the reviews of all of them.

l do have a few relaxation cd's. Getting a bit fed up with them - so l am looking forward to a new one. lt was about £5.


his voice is very soothing also if you have an ipod you can download a few podcasts free however some of the voices are a big loud , says a lot coming from a glaswegian

Trish - l bought one cd - and the chaps voice is a bit 'camp' - and all l want to do is giggle when l hear him.

The Dr Hilary Jones have lots of positive reviews - so looking forward to mine.

Hi Anna

I have recently purchased some from the MS Trust, they are £3.00 each. I find them to be helpful and relaxing, have down loaded onto my MP3 player and listen to favourite relaxation music too, it helps ‘the hug’.