I grew up with this - before I knew 'what MS was'. Although, not sure of the 'lyrics'? LEARNING TO RELAX IS BENEFICIAL FOR MS (At least, I think so! - maybe not the same - but who cares!)


Sorry Marcus, I also grew up with this - just listened again on your link, and I don't hear the words you said, or anything close?!

May be just me, will get a friend to listen later!

I'm trying very hard to relax, LOL,

Take care, MS x



Yes-relaxing is good for MS (so I think!)

Assisted by chocolate, sex and LDN (notice the link?!)  That list is in no order-even all 3 can be taken at once scaredResult-endorphin increase!thumbsup

Ellie x

I will respond (After I have relaxed with a good sleep - I hope)

Had a 'short' sleep but woke at 4 a.m. - still tired but will eventually proscribe!