Relapsing remitting, maybe!

I’m 59. Advised ( but not definitely diagnosed) primary progressive 8 years ago. Only treatment LDN, although I’ve just started on Fampyra. Gradual deterioration. Good days, bad days and and longer (few months) bad times. Just had a two week course of steroids with amazing results. Fatigue, foot drop, spacisticity almost disappeared, but quickly returned. If I turn out to be relapsing remitting, are there any medications that would give the same improvements long term?

I suppose the obvious question is do you have relapses? Using DMD’s to help prevent the frequency of relapses strikes me as a good idea, but not much point if you don’t have them.

More treatments around for RR. There seems to be little for the progressive stage, seems to be more a question of managing the symptoms. OH has Secondary Progressive and takes a lot of medications for fatigue, pain etc. etc. I suppose the best option would be to discuss with your consultant, make sure they have the right dx and then perhaps try medications for your symptoms, or DMDs which may slow down the progression. If that is the route you choose to take of course. Regards