Hi all. Yesterday I was extremely dizzy and had some tingling in my last two fingers on each hand. Today the dizziness is much worse and my arms and legs feel like dead weights. I’m due my 2nd MRI on the 10th Jan to see if it’s MS or not. Also on 2 days time I am back with the gastro doc to see if I have crohns. I was hoping that I wouldnt have any more symptoms for a while since my CIS on 2nd October but here I am feeling very unwell and I don’t know what to do :frowning:

Oh no. What a day to be feeling so ill.

Can you take yourself off to bed, or do you have family things to do?

If you can, try to just rest up, it sounds like a vertigo attack. What happens with vertigo is that as you move your head, you feel disoriented and dizzy. This could also make you feel nauseous. And if your limbs feel heavy and weighty that would add to the feeling ill.

Laying down and sleeping if you are able to is probably the best short term solution

It’s possible that it’s a bug and not MS related at all. Or that it’s an MS relapse. Having an MRI booked quite soon is a good thing as new inflammation will show up on the scan.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything a doctor would prescribe. If it were definitely MS, you could be given steroids, but that would be a bad thing if it’s not MS.

Obviously if it gets so bad you’re in danger of hurting yourself or are being horribly sick for hours, you could take yourself of fear to A&E.

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi Sue. Thank you for replying. Sadly lying in bed isn’t an option as I have a colonoscopy tomorrow to see if I have crohns. I’m currently prepping for it which means the toilet is my BFF every 3 or 4 mins. I guess what worries me is the same with the possible crohns. If I am having a relapse is it dangerous to wait since I am not on any medication? I always worry that my immune system might do more damage if I can’t slow it down. I hope that makes sense. In general I’m just pushing through but I feel so unwell in myself and now the prep for the colonoscopy at 3pm on top. I just feel like it’s taken the life out of me right now.

Oh blimey, you’ve got it all going on haven’t you?

Being on a DMD isn’t a quick option for delaying problems. It generally takes some while before any protective aspect of a DMD kicks in. So, in the short term there’s probably not much you can do to protect yourself against relapses. It’s very much a matter of wait till after the MRI and see what shows up there.

I hope your colonoscopy goes OK. I’ve had my share of instruments shoved up my derrière so understand the concern. Eventually, when someone says either ‘bend over’ or ‘lay on your side with your knees tucked up’, I (with a little help) just do as they ask and don’t worry about it.


Thank you for replying. Truthfully right now it all feels a bit ridiculous. Feel like one problem after another keeps showing itself but I’m trying to stay positive. For me right now the worst part is not knowing for sure what’s wrong and what the next step is. I like to plan but I have to leave it to the doctors and hope I might have some answers soon.