Relapse or more of the same?


Can any one tell me why it appears to be important to know if MS sufferers are having a relapse, or more of the first attack?


Hi Ann,

Basically, it’s because frequency of relapses influences eligibilty for treatment, or what type of treatment might be recommended.

Unless the new symptoms or attack are separated from the end of the last lot by at last 30 days, they will usually be considered all part of the same attack. E.g. you could not have two relapses 10 days apart. Even if you had got a bit better, then a bit worse again, this would still be considered part of the same episode.

You normally need to have had at least two relapses in two years to qualify for disease modifying drugs (DMDs).

If your relapses are exceptionally frequent or severe, you might be considered for one of the newer, more potent DMDs.

I can’t think of any other reason it’s important to keep a tally.

Hope this helps,