Relapse or Functional Neurological Symptoms?

My latest blog is online and describes my latest symptoms which is either a relapse, functional neurological symptoms or a bit of both. Please have a read and let me know what you think.



Hello Ewen. I read your blog with interest but I have no idea if your symptoms are relapse related. You do seem quite logical in your thinking and I’m sure you know your body better then anyone. Sorry, not very helpful I know. Take care x

Hi Blossom, Thanks for reading and thanks for your kind words. Very much appreciated.



i dunno.

couldnt read all ur post-my eyes, not ur writing!


you are the first person ever to indirectly refer to me as a geek! am going to tell those close to me cos i havent a clue re technology but i have always loved numbers (struggle now) so thanks for being the reason i have smiled today!

ellie who is still in goonie feeling cr*p today!