Relapse? First burning skin now my right eye is blurred

Last week my arms felt as though they were burnt now the sight in my right eye looks as though there’s a smokey windy puddle in it :frowning:

Hi Rebecca,

I presume you’re not diagnosed but it sounds like your having a little attack. The eye problem sounds like a Temporal Pallor/Optic Neuritis so it is important to visit GP and get an urgent appointment with a Neurologist.

It could be your eyesight gets normal again on its own; but more than likely you may need a small dose of steroids.

See Only a Visual Evoked Potential will tell this and only a doctor can have this procedure carried out so it’s hopeless going to an Optician.

Don’t worry its quite painless,


Thank you I am diagnosed but get freaked out by new symptoms. I’ll call the ms nurse in the morning and she may get some steroids prescribed.