Rejecting Direct Payment...


Does anyone have experiance they can offer me please…

I have rejected the Direct Payment that was awarded to me by my council so i have gone through the complaint process from the council but still with the same result. I have therefore lodged my complaint with the Ombusdman who will be ruling on my case.

My question is, are the council responsibel for the costs of my care whilst my appeal is being looked at?

I know thet are responsible for arrangeing the care that I have been assesed as needing but it doesn’t state if they will pay for it or not. I have been informed from the council that my service will no longer be ‘FREE’ but i am pretty sure that they should continue to pay until it gets resolved one way or the other but I JUST CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE.

Help please,

X Mike Brodie

Hi Mike,

Ring the EHRC they will advise if not where to get the info from.

You could also try the Benefits Enquiry Line 0800 882200 [edited by Moderator]