Regular medication - anyone take for RRMS?

When I was diagnosed around 2010 (with Relapsing MS) I asked was any medication available.

I was told that the side effects rendered any medication worthless.

I have never took tablets aside from ibuprofen or paracetamol so I didn’t particularly want to daily medicate.

All I have really experienced in 15 years is numbness in almost my whole body except chest and shoulders/upper back …

My biggest recent worry is a damaged MCL which is my left knee ligament (since October) - certainly takes my mind off the MS numbness…

I think it is generally accepted today that the sooner you start treatment, the better the long term outcome. Side effects are only possible and not compulsory.
Case study: does treating MS early improve survival? (

I hope you are getting physio support for the knee injury, because damage needs a bit of help to recover.

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I was going to Walton Neuro for annual visits. Last time was 2019, as I had no recent relapses I was not concerned. I got the impression they think drugs are not cost effective or would not make any difference.

I prefer to be drug free, but if there was anything that could lessen the numbness I would be interested to know more.

My knee is preventing me going beyond a fast walk but I am getting used to the pain. Once the numbness goes in my legs I hopefully can get a gp appointment to mention my ligament problem.

When my dad was diagnosed around 96/97 with RRMS he was prescribed beta interferon (not sure if that’s the accurate spelling) for a good few years it seemed like a good drug that helped nearly keep his flare ups at bay or at least cut the severity. With time and the progression of MS it didn’t seem to help much anymore but for those years it helped a great deal. Has your consultant not mentioned this drug to you?

I haven’t seen a consultant in a long time, I have seen MS nurses over the last decade, whenever I have been for appointments I have never had flare ups.

The only thing I have ever been told is that the medication has more negatives.

On a side note my father had injections t least twice weekly for many years with progressive MS