Red Ferrari

Well, okay then, not quite.

My motorised chair was delivered yesterday courtesy of HSE/NHS. It’s a Spectra Plus. Much sleeker and less clunky than I’d anticipated. And the majority of the bodywork is red! I so wanted it to be red!!

I took it on a maiden journey today. Tesco seemed as good a place as any to have trial. Despite several toddlers and wayward children doing their utmost to get me to practise an emergency stop, I didn’t have to. All children remained unscathed and retained full use of their feet, and no other persons were injured or mown down.

Hubby is a retired mechanic and got technical, giving mechanical instructions and detailed directions, driving instructor fashion, on how best to practise manoeuvres. He got short shrift from me and it sort of ended with the word, “off”! Having abandoned my manual chair at home, I was regaining some modicum of independence. I was driving this chair. I was in control. No longer will I protest and have to endure being steered in the direction he chooses to go. Happy days. Freedom!!!

And if I did have a Ferrari, it would have to be a red one.

well done poppy!

your ferrari sounds brilliant.

hope you get out and about to have adventures.

let us know please

carole x

Way to go girl!


Oh how brilliant. You’ll be the scourge of your neighbourhood with your new red ‘wheels’.


Haha! I love this, fantastic!