Red and white blood cells in urine - taking Aubagio

Hi, I’m seeing my neuro next week for an annual check (almost) after being on Aubagio 11 months but is really due to me having some symptoms - my whole face went numb, I lost my sense of taste, struggled with my speech and had my usual sharp ice pick head pains that I get when having ms symptoms. The daft neuro I saw before Christmas tried to tell me it was a migraine! However he did order an mri, which I believe came back not showing any new areas demylation. Great news, but why the symptoms? On top of this I have also had issues with my urine - strong smelling and leaving an oily pattern in the loo. I saw my gp about it & today I had a call from my nurse, as I was pushing for the results to take to my neuro, who advised my red and white blood cells were slightly increased and my gp would be looking at the results. Thoughts please… I also take 10000 iu vit d but my blood results come back within normal and I also take vit k2 which is supposed to help too. Sharon x