Recently Diagnosed

I thought I would write a short bit about my symptoms in case it might help newly diagnosed patients.

Im 22 and I’ve been diagnosed for 10 months now. I have good days and bad days, and since the diagnosis and since i started on my medication (Tecfidera) I’ve been logging and trying to figure out a link between my symptoms and my external factors. It can be different for people, and some of them are already known about, but here’s my experience.

  1. If i haven’t slept enough, it tends to be a difficult day. Winter is more difficult because waking up when its dark makes it feel as though you haven’t had enough sleep.

  2. If I’m running on an empty stomach i feel very tired. make sure you eat well.

  3. The heat. Whether its the weather or taking a hot shower. I tend to shower in coldish water.

  4. Being stressed or aggravated makes symptoms a lot worse. This can be work pressure, study, deadlines or even something as simple as seeing somebodies face that you don’t like or hearing their voice.

  5. I consider myself lucky that I am able to do exercise such as walking, stretching and physiotherapy, but exercise generally depletes my energy and strength and if I don’t pace myself, i can sometimes crash.

When you’re tired, you also have the tendency to be in a worse mood and you can get annoyed at people easier so just be mindful of that.

This is just my short list but i really hope a conversation can come of this and maybe others can share their personal triggers :slight_smile:

Hi, I was recently diagnosed after over 20 years. I came on here a long time ago and stayed a few years and left 7 years ago. I`m here to stay this time around. Hope your meds help.

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