Recently diagnosed after brain biopsy

Hello, I’ve just been diagnosed with MS following two plus years of tests and uncertainty.I thought I would say hello and I’m interested to hear if anyone else here went through the biopsy process to get their diagnosis? It all started in 2011 when I noticed my left hand fingers were losing coordination. 9 months and after an incorrect diagnosis of Essential Tremor then loss of use of my left arm due to the severity of the tremor, I had an outpatient MRI and was very quickly admitted to hospital for nearly 3 weeks for tests including CSF (over 50 things tested for in the end according to the discharge report), but I was still no closer to a diagnosis. Due to there being a big ? over it being a tumour, I was sent to the local neurosurgical team who felt that due to the main lesion being inoperable if it were a tumour, there was no point in operating and it would be safer to ‘watch and wait’. 6 months later and I had been referred to the top people who felt that it could have been Gliomatosis (tumour) or inflammatory condition, and because of the uncertainty but potential severity, a brain biopsy was the next step. So, I had the biopsy which although obviously not enjoyable, went well and showed clear inflammatory demyelination. A follow up VEP has sured up the MS diagnosis and I’m now moving forward with a very good MS specialist. I’m due to start Copaxone in about 2 months and I’m learning lots about the other ways I can help myself. Simon.