Receiving DLA /PIP

Hubby and me have just had words. I’m in receipt of DLA and have recently had to apply for PIP.

I’m not ashamed or embarrassed about this, nor am I claiming fraudulently.

It is however nothing to do with anyone else, but my husband will keep telling people. He’s just been speaking to his cousin on the phone telling him all about me claiming.

All I said was, “I wish you wouldn’t tell people, it’s nothing to do with anyone else”

His response, “I didn’t tell him how much it is.”

That’s irrelevant, the fact is it’s nothing to do with him.

The atmosphere is a little frosty just now, but it’ll soon thaw.


Good on you I agree, personal and nothing to with anybody else.

Next time he does it tell them how much he earns, or even more effective something about his private regions - this will soon shut him up.


Love it Jase - yes I will. We’re friends again xx

Hi there,

What are men like? When we moved into our new flat in March my husband met two of our new neighbours and after introducing himself he said what my name was and said I was disabled. He couldn’t understand why I was so annoyed. It’s not like they couldn’t see for themselves.

I like it Jase, I might just do that. I’m still fizzing!!!

Mags xx