received my appointment

Well, I should be happy to have received my appointment with the consultant but I am feeling a bit upset this morning.

The referral had been removed from the system this morning so for a little while I was hoping I did not need to see anybody.
Head in sand etc

I called the hospital to have my appointment confirmed for 25 July so not long.

Can anybody help with the questions I need to ask?
Also, it may not be MS and in some ways, I have built myself up to thinking they will say it is.

So how do I prepare for that too?

They are messing you around with your appointments. Hope this one finally goes ahead.

Whatever you do have, it is what it is - so rather than try to second guess, try to keep an open mind.

General questions will be - what happens next? And what is the timescale?

If you have a diagnosis - what treatments might be available? And what is the timescale?

The way the NHS is working (or should I say, struggling to work), I think ‘what is the timescale’ is probably now one of the most pertinent questions!

Good luck on 25th.

thank you @Ziola , I am going to write down a list of questions before I go.

Really not sure what they will say. I am 57 until the numb face never had any problems. 95 % back to normal now.
Been reading about covid and demyelination, that is interesting.